CAD (Computer Aided Design) is one way people made to modeling 3D geometry easily using computer. With CAD, some problem are there in manual way can be answered. For Example:
1. How to Edit your drawing easily when you do something wrong with your drawing
2. How to make easy Bill Of Material
3. How to make Assy 100.000 files in drawing
Can you imagine that if you keep using manual technic.

But why we must study 3D Modeling?
– It is for makes you easy when you must make 2D assy of this stuff.
Imagine that you have to make it from CAD software with focus in 2D drawing

I have studied about CAD in semester 2, I have got good score, so i must not continue study about it?
– You are wrong, The most beautiful knowledge is when you can apply this in any other field,

Give me the Example!
– In semester 3 you will get TMS (Time Motion Study), one job you will receive is to make a ergonomy stuff, Do you want to make it manually?
Do you know Pneumatic Hydraulic, this is a subject teach you how to make the system using pneumatic and hydraulic technology, and this FINAL JOB you will get in last meeting is to make your own system (can be a machine) using pneumatic and hydraulic technology. The format for this job is video format, so the animation how your stuff works.
If you are a creative person, all subject in TPM you can colaborate with CAD software.
And do you know JIG AND FIXTURE subject? this is the subject teach you how to make the stuff to easily process for manufacture. And it’s the complicate subject combine:
1. Process
2. Material
3. Creativity
4. CAD ability
Why CAD?
It’s to make you less the error when your JIG will be made.

How about we talked “Tugas Akhir”, it’s very urgent when your CAD ability is low.
It’s a pity when your imagination is enough good but you CAD ability can’t support it.

-and the answer of course YES!!!

I don’t think so,


How fast you model 3D geometry?

Can you make animation?

Can you make anylisis?

Can you combined with any other software?

So come on continue study CAD and Join the Community

written by:
DD from CAD Community Sungai Bambu

About dwi

I’m a student of Darma Persada University, East Jakarta and take Mechanical Engineering major. Easy going trainer and hard worker. Please find me on facebook. email : or HP +62 857 198 956 95

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